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Top 10 Winter Houseplants

February 10, 2021

There’s no better way to fight off the winter blues this season than with the company of a leafy companion. Purchasing a houseplant is a great way to not only brighten up your home but also to boost your mood! Also, taking care of plants in the winter is no hassle at all, as oftentimes house plants require little maintenance. As long as they aren’t touching the cold winter, they’ll be just fine! If you’re in search of the perfect winter-resistant plant to accompany you these next few cold months, consider our top 10 winter houseplants for sale available at Martin’s Home & Garden.

The Best Low-Maintenance Winter Houseplants 

1) Snake Plants

One of the most popular houseplants is the easy-maintenance Snake Plant. This beautiful, green succulent with sword-like leaves is nearly indestructible and requires little light and water, especially in the winter. As an added bonus, the snake plant also produces oxygen, purifying the air you breathe!

Overhead shot of snake plants

2) ZZ Plants

Another great option is the ZZ Plant. With its wide, dark, waxy leaves, the ZZ Plant reflects sunlight and brightens up any room! Similar to snake plants, ZZ Plants are also oxygen-producing plants that can even remove toxins from your air. If you don’t have a green thumb, this may be the perfect plant for you as ZZ Plants require little attention and maintenance. 

3) Fiddle Leaf Fig

One of our favorite winter houseplants for sale in our nursery in Murfreesboro is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. This tropical plant requires a bit more attention, but it is completely worth it for its aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Make sure your Fiddle Leaf Fig gets plenty of sunlight, and only water the plant when it’s dry. 

4) Philodendrons

If you’re looking to bring a dash of tropical forest into your home, consider a Philodendron! Philodendrons can be both vining or non-climbing, both of which are great options. For optimal care, place your Philodendron near a sunny window, but make sure it has enough shade to prevent being burned by the sunshine.

5) Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is another popular option for homes and offices. This adaptable plant gets its name from it’s showy, hooded flower petal that resembles a white flag of surrender. Not only is the Peace Lily a beautiful, low maintenance houseplant, but NASA has also listed this tropical plant on its list of “Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants.

6) Cacti

Of course, we can’t forget the Cactus! At Martin’s nursery, we have a variety of Cacti of all shapes and sizes for sale at our nursery in Murfreesboro. Cacti tend to primarily grow in the warmer seasons, so they do not require as much water in the winter. To best care for your Cactus, simply rewater after the soil has completely dried up!

7) Monstera

Another one of the most popular winter houseplants for sale at our nursery in Murfreesboro is the Monstera. These distinctive plants are infamous for the natural holes in their leaves, thus earning them the nickname, “Swiss Cheese Plant.” Care for these plants by placing them in bright to medium indirect light and watering them every 1-2 weeks!

Green Monstera leaves

8) Peperomias

Peperomias are also a wonderful choice for an easy-to-grow houseplant. These small, leafy plants thrive in medium to bright light and effectively store water in their stems and leaves. As an added bonus, Peperomias also purify the air you breathe! For proper care, allow the soil to dry before watering, which is usually around 1-2 weeks. 

9) Calatheas 

One of our other favorites is the Calathea, or, “Prayer Plant.” This colorful plant gets its nickname due to the daily movement of its leaves, known as nyctinasty. It is believed that these movements mimic the sun in order to maximize light absorption. Place them in bright, indirect light and water every 1-2 weeks! 

10) Succulents

These need very little water in the winter, and some of them can even tolerate frost. Certain types of succulents can even thrive in the winter and grow into vibrant plants. It’s important to know what kind of succulent you have before the first frost hits. However, if you bring them inside, that’s no problem at all. Just be sure to prep your pot for inside and remove any dead material before making the transfer. If you need help identifying the perfect succulent for you, ask one of our team members for assistance! We’re more than happy to help you find the best plant for you to take home. 

Visit Martin’s Home & Garden for the Best Winter Houseplant Selection

Whether you’re looking to add some beauty to your space, brighten things up, or purify the air in your home, our team at Martin’s nursery would love to help you find beautiful winter houseplants for your home. In our vast selection of houseplants for sale, you’ll be sure to find the perfect plant for you. Visit our nursery in Murfreesboro at Martin’s Home & Garden today to shop for your next houseplant! We also offer curbside pickup so you can swing by for your houseplants without leaving your car!

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