Our online store is open for business – shop now! Curbside pickup only.

Our online store is open for business – shop now! Curbside pickup only.

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Outdoor Living

Gardening Supplies for Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Plants aren’t the only things that can liven up the exterior of your home. Let Martin’s Home and Garden help you find everything you need for your outdoor living spaces. Our outdoor living store offers a variety of services including plant and lawn care, outdoor furniture and decorations, gardening supplies, and topsoil in Murfreesboro, TN. Martin’s nursery can help you find the perfect accents for your outdoor living spaces or help protect and feed the potted plants, gardens, lawns, and landscaping investments you already have. 

Local Lawn Furniture

Martin’s Home and Garden offers more than just plant care and solutions. Our outdoor living store provides attractive, comfortable, and durable outdoor seating that will last year after year. We are proud to offer products built by the Watson family right here in Middle Tennessee. Each piece of handcrafted furniture is made of pressure-treated pine and sealed with deck sealer for longevity and beauty.

Fountains, Statues & Pottery

Our collection of pottery and gardening supplies in Murfreesboro includes a broad range of colors, patterns, sizes, and materials. From plastic to frost-proof clay, we have one that’s perfect for your next pot-up whether you have a tree or a houseplant!

Our Hard Goods Department stocks a collection of cast stone fountains and statues from Henri Studio and Athens Stonecasting! Found an item on their sites you like but we don’t have it in stock at our outdoor living store? Ask our team about placing a special order for you! Not only do fountains add an interesting feature to your landscape, but they also provide a source of water for the pollinators that visit your garden.

Ask About Our Potting Services

Potting and repotting plants can be hard. Let us take care of the dirty work for you. Martin’s nursery can add new life to planters you already have or help you fill new ones you purchase from us. If you already have a vision or if you’re looking for us to inspire those creative juices, our experienced team will ensure that your pots and plants are beautifully designed just for you. Call to learn more!

Fertilizers & Plant Protection

Our Plant Care section is full of options to help you be a blooming success! With a large variety of gardening supplies from Espoma Organic, Ferti-lome, and Bonide, you’ll find what you need to help your plants grow bigger and better and stay free of disease and pests.

Our products can help with common issues such as:

  • Blackspot
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites
  • Powdery mildew
  • Plants not reblooming

Wildlife is fun to watch, but we might not want them to munch on our carefully tended gardens, nor do we want to endanger our pets. We have several pet-safe products that will help repel various animals from plants. Because animals are adaptable, it is a good idea to change the deterring product occasionally so they don’t get used to one particular product.

For DIY problem solving, use this free online tool from Bonide. You can also give our team of experts a call at the garden center, and we can help you figure out the best solution for your plants in your outdoor living spaces.Some plants are also eligible for our warranty packages that provide further insurance. Learn more here.

Mulches, Soils & Other Amendments

Tennessee gardening can be a challenge. Though our heavy clay soil is rich, sometimes it needs a little amending for many of the plants we want to grow.

We have a variety of soil amendments, mixes, and top soils in Murfreesboro, TN tailored for your plant needs, whether it is an industrious landscaping project, a vegetable or flower garden, a carefully chosen deck pot, or hanging basket. Soil mixes come in various sized bags for potted plants. Garden soil and mulch can be bought by the bag for amending small garden plots or by the yard for bigger projects. We also carry both wheat and pine straw by the bale.

If you’re too busy to stop by our Murfreesboro garden center, Martin’s Home and Garden offers mulch delivery, soil delivery, and compost delivery directly to you! Call us today to schedule garden soil delivery near you.

Quick tips: A yard of mulch covers 100 square feet at 3 inches deep, and a yard of topsoil covers 100 square feet at 1 foot deep. Both are available by the yard or by the half-yard at our local garden center. One bale of straw covers about 20 square feet.

We Proudly Offer EarthMix Products

We are very proud to be an EarthMix supplier! We love their products so much, we made it the primary line of bagged soils and amendments we carry. Here’s why:

  • All EarthMix products are 100% organic. No chemicals. Nothing synthetic.
  • EarthMix products contain no fillers. Each is made using a specific, thoughtful recipe that doesn’t include sand or sawdust.
  • EarthMix products are made and packaged in Nashville by Bates Nursery. They even produce the screened topsoil and leaf compost in the products themselves!

Learn more about the EarthMix difference here!

Screened Topsoil vs. Garden Soil

What is the difference between screened topsoil and garden soil?

The screened topsoil is dirt that is just that – dirt. It has no amendments and therefore, no nutritional value. Screened topsoil is good for filling holes or if you need to grow grass, which is the only thing that will really grow in it.

Garden soil is a mix of soils. Our blend is 60% screened topsoil and 40% mushroom compost + other organic matter, which gives it lots of nutrients. Middle Tennessee’s natural clay is hard to grow things in, so it’s important to blend some garden soil into it to give your plants their best start!

Get Started

Beautifying your outdoor living space doesn’t have to be hard. Shop at our outdoor living store for durable, high-quality furniture and gardening supplies, schedule a mulch or soil delivery right to your door, or contact us today to learn more about the many other outdoor and gardening services that we offer in Murfreesboro!