Our online store is open for business – shop now!

Our online store is open for business – shop now!

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Online store now open!

Martin's Home & Garden is excited to make your shopping experience with us even more convenient with online shopping! eGift cards are also now available. New products are added each day, so check back often to see if your favorite item is available. Curbside/in-store pickup only at this time.

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The products you love at our Murfreesboro garden center are available for purchase online! Place your curbside pickup order today!

Available in-store only: bulk soil and mulch, straw bales, select plants

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Gift Cards

A gift card from Martin’s Home & Garden is the perfect present for any occasion! eGift cards are available in denominations up to $100 per gift card and can be used in-store or online.


From colorful annuals to shady trees, Martin’s Home & Garden has all the indoor or outdoor plants you need!

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These plants are annuals in zone 7b, which covers middle Tennessee. If you are shopping outside of middle Tennessee, these plants may be hardy in your area.

Annuals go through their entire life cycle in one growing season. Because they have such a short amount of time, they typically grow very quickly. They offer lots of bright and beautiful blooms that last all season! When they have reached their end, you can gather seeds from the year’s flowers and plant them in your garden next year. Sometimes, annuals save you the trouble by self-seeding. These seedlings will grow into mature plants next season, which may make you think your annual is actually a perennial.

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If you’re looking to enhance your home, houseplants are a perfect place to start! Not only do houseplants liven up your home, but they have also been proven to help clean toxins from the air and reduce stress. Martin’s plant nursery near you is dedicated to finding the best houseplants for your home. Our professional team can provide advice and recommendations for the best plants to fit exactly what you’re looking for, whether you want plants that won’t need your attention or plants that will keep your pets safe. Have houseplant questions? Check out our FAQ page!

Houseplant Of The Week

Every Monday, tune in to our YouTube channel and our social media pages for our latest Houseplant of the Week! What houseplant should we feature next?

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These plants are perennial in zone 7b, which covers middle Tennessee. If you are shopping outside of middle Tennessee, these plants may not be hardy in your area.

Perennials are great to include in your garden because instead of creating a whole new landscape design each year, you can plant your predictable perennials once and enjoy them for years to come. Typically, perennials will bloom only for one season each year and then go dormant. However, be patient. You will be rewarded next year when they return! Perennial plants that are native to your region offer the benefit of best supporting your local pollinators and the rest of your local ecosystem. Learn more about pollinator-friendly planting here!

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Seeds & Bulbs

Growing something from a seed or bulb may seem more intimidating and overwhelming than planting a mature plant in your landscape, but they are actually very easy! Their packaging tells you the best time of year to start them based on average frost dates in your area. In middle Tennessee, the average date of our last spring frost is April 15 and the average date of our first fall frost is October 20. Don’t forget to grab a bag of Espoma® Organic Bulb-tone and Espoma® Organic Seed Starter Premium Potting Mix to help your seeds and bulbs grow strong!

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Trees & Shrubs

If you’re looking for a arborvitae, hydrangea, or an apple tree, come see our Trees & Shrubs team! Fall is a great time to get trees into the ground. When temperatures get colder, the trees will focus on growing roots instead of leaves. This will give you stronger plants come springtime!

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Soil Amendments

Give your plants the best start by adding additional nutrients to our Tennessee clay, preventing erosion, and improving drainage with these amendments.

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Bagged Gravel & Sand

Gravel and sand can be very versatile in your garden! They are very functional while helping enhance the look of your landscape. Create a pathway with gravel, or use it fill in the gaps on a pathway you created with pavers. Gravel can also enhance water features: use gravel to cover the base of a fountain or fill the bottom of your water garden. Rock gardens are also very popular amongst gardeners wanting a low maintenance, water-wise landscape. All you need is sandy soil, gravel and stones of various sizes, and a selection of drought-tolerant plants. Even the smallest space can turn into a rock garden!

The light color of sand can add a wonderful contract to the darker color of your plants’ foliage. It can also be used carefully to amend heavy clay soil to improve drainage. Don’t use more than a 50:50 blend if you choose to amend your soil with sand.

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Bagged Soil & Mulch

Tennessee gardening can be a challenge. Though our heavy clay soil is rich, sometimes it needs to be amended for many of the plants we want to grow. For containers or small landscaping projects, bagged soil and mulch may be a better option than opting for bulk amounts. One yard of soil is equal to about 18 1.1 cubit foot bags of soil. Whether you need a specialized potting mix for your African violet, something to use in your new hanging basket, or an all-purpose soil for any plant, Martin’s Home & Garden stocks anything you need!

We Offer EarthMix® Products

We are very proud to be an EarthMix supplier! All EarthMix products are 100% organic. No chemicals. Nothing synthetic. No fillers. Each is made using a specific, thoughtful recipe that doesn’t include sand or sawdust. EarthMix products are made and packaged in Nashville by Bates Nursery. They even produce the screened topsoil and leaf compost in the products themselves! Learn more about the EarthMix difference here!

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Soil Amendments

Tennessee gardening can be a challenge. Though our heavy clay soil is rich, sometimes it needs a little amending for many of the plants we want to grow. Martin’s Home & Garden has a variety of soil amendments tailored for your plant needs, whether it is an industrious landscaping project, a vegetable or flower garden, a carefully chosen deck pot, or hanging basket.

Plant Care

Protect your plants from hungry bugs and give them a boost of essential vitamins!

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Disease & Pest Control

Find what you need to help your plants grow bigger and better and stay free of diseases and pests! Our products can help with common issues such as:

  • Blackspot
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites
  • Powdery mildew 

For DIY problem solving, use this free online tool from Bonide. You can also give our team of experts a call at the garden center, and we can help you figure out the best solution for your plants in your outdoor living spaces.

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Fertilizing during a plant’s growing season is an important part of keeping your indoor and outdoor plants happy and healthy. We carry a wide variety of plant foods and fertilizers from Espoma® Organic, Ferti-lome® and more. From general all-purpose plant foods to use all around your garden or a fertilizer specifically formulated for your orchid or bromeliad, there’s something for every plant to help them grow bigger and better!

Outdoor Decor

Enhance your landscape with beautiful fountains, stylish furniture, and containers in a variety of colors and sizes!

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Outdoor Furniture & Features

Plants aren’t the only things that can liven up the exterior of your home. Let Martin’s Home and Garden help you find everything you need to perfectly accent your outdoor living spaces. Please note that Martin’s Home & Garden does not sell or service barns, play sets, or other such structures.

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Pottery & Containers

Martin’s Home & Garden’s collection of pottery and gardening supplies includes a broad range of colors, patterns, sizes, and materials. From plastic to frost-proof clay, we have one that’s perfect for your next pot-up whether you have a tree or a houseplant!

The Market

Our market has something for everyone and every occasion!

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Apparel & Accessories

The market at Martin’s Home & Garden has something for every style! Purses, jewelry, shirts, and more – there’s something for every style!

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Baked Goods

Martin’s Home & Garden’s selection of baked goods is made by Country Kitchen Bakery, a Mennonite bakery in Smithville, TN. Twice a week, we receive a fresh delivery of breads, cookies, pies, brownies, and more! Seasonal flavors are available throughout the year, including pumpkin items in the fall.

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Grocery Items

Fill your pantry with items from Martin’s Home & Garden! Cake mixes, coffee, salsa, pasta, and more are available through our market.

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Home Decor

Martin’s Home & Garden carries a variety of home decor items! Serving dishes, pillows, picture frames, wall art, and more – there’s something for every decor aesthetic! Seasonal items are available throughout the year.

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Local Honey

All wildflower honey and bee pollen Martin’s Home & Garden carries comes from a family farm in Manchester, Tennessee. We stock raw strained wildflower honey, infused honey in a variety of flavors, as well as pure bee pollen and 100% beeswax bars!