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New Year, New Garden

January 3, 2019

With every new year comes great potential.

2019 will be Martin’s Home & Garden’s 37th year in business, and we are excited for what it will bring! We’ve been preparing the store to expand several departments to give you more options for this year’s planting. We’re also working on a new classroom space so that you can join us to learn how to get the most out of your garden!

While we’re hard at work here at the store, you can be busy preparing your garden for an exciting growing season! Here are some tasks that you can work on now to get ready for spring.

Think back to 2018. What worked well in your garden? What needs improvement for this year? Begin thinking about potential solutions now so that you’re ready when spring arrives.

If you haven’t already, recycle your Christmas tree. Do you have access to a shredder? Turn it into mulch and compost for your garden beds.

You can also turn it into a bird feeder! Dip pinecones in peanut butter and string them around the tree. Hang up old fruit that’s been cut in half. Mix bird seed and suet, fill a cookie cutter and freeze the shapes after you push out the shapes. (Find a recipe here from the National Audubon Society.) Then, hang them on the tree.

If you bought one of our live ball-and-burlap trees to use as your Christmas tree this year, it’s time to get it in the ground. Give our Trees & Shrubs team a call if you have questions about what to do.

Take stock of your tools. Do any need sharpening or replacing?

It’s also time to begin to create your garden plan. Think about what plants, statues, furniture pieces, and other structures you want to include this spring. To make planning easier, consider designing your garden around one central theme. This theme will help you pull all the elements of your garden together and focus your design. Begin working on it now and you’ll have plenty of time to make revisions before springtime arrives.

Start your seeds. Giving them a start inside now will help them grow strong by springtime. It’s too cold to put them outside, but you can plant them indoors. You can find seed starting kits for sale, or you can recycle egg cartons. Make sure to poke holes in the bottom of each compartment in the carton to allow water to drain. In the spring, you can plant your seeds in the ground.

We’ll be getting seeds in stock around the first full week of January – give us a call around then to confirm when they’ll be available!

It’s not too early to get preparations underway. Need help getting started? Visit us, or call our team now!

This blog post was also published as an article in The Murfreesboro Post on January 4, 2019.

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