Our Garden Center

Our full-service garden center has everything you need for the inside and outside of your home! Don’t see what you’re looking for in our stock? Order it from Monrovia and have it shipped to our store for free. Scroll down for a full list of our departments we have in store.


The Market

All year round, The Market has something for every occasion. You can find boutique-quality clothing and home decor items, as well as fresh baked goods and produce, and other top-quality items! Learn more about The Market here.

Boxes of cookie and brownie mix on a table in a market
Small green plants and purple flowers in pots


Our Greenhouse Department takes care of all annuals, houseplants, seeds, bulbs, and vegetable plants.

Annuals go through their entire life cycle in one growing season, but you’ll have lots of bright and beautiful color while they’re around! When they have reached their end, you can take the seeds you gather from the year’s flowers and plant them in your garden next year.

Plants make great roommates! We can help you find a houseplant that suits your space. And they don’t just look pretty, they can also improve your health.

If you’re more of a DIY gardener, come check out our selection of seeds and bulbs! We have a wide selection of vegetables, fruits, and flowers for you to plant. Our team will make sure you are planting them at the right time of the year and in the best conditions.


The team in our Perennials Department handles all perennials and biennials. Perennials will come back season after season. A biennial plant will take two years to complete its life cycle.

Perennials lined up in a greenhouse
Overhead view of trees and shrubs for sale

Trees & Shrubs

If you’re looking for a rose, arbor vitae, or an apple tree, come see our Trees & Shrubs team! Fall is a great time to get trees into the ground. When temperatures get colder, the trees will focus on growing roots instead of leaves. This will give you stronger plants come springtime!

Hard Goods

Anything that doesn’t grow is part of our Hard Goods Department! Our team will help you find the best products to help your plants have the best chance to thrive. We’ll recommend fertilizes, soils, mulches, repellants, and more. Our Hard Goods team will also help you find the statue, fountain, swing, or bench that will take your yard to the next level! Learn more here.

Packs of Earth Mix stacked in greenhouse