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Kids’ Pollinator Week Activities

June 18, 2018

Pollinator Week is June 18 to 24! Leading up to and throughout the week, we’ll be sharing posts about how you can support the pollinators that help our gardens grow! To learn more, visit

Pollinator Week is a great opportunity to get kids involved in the garden! Here are some activities that you can do with your little gardener:

  • Let them help you pick out what will go in the garden. You can even get them kid-sized tools so that they can help with the planting.

  • Keep a log of the pollinators that you see in the garden and which plants they visit. Do the bees really like the yellow flowers you planted? Are the beetles drawn to a particular tree?

  • Make your own garden markers to help you remember what’s planted where.

  • Do a garden scavenger hunt.

  • When it gets too hot, take a break in the air conditioning and complete this pollinator puzzle!

Getting kids involved in the garden is a great teaching tool. They can learn lots of things, like how things grow and what pollinators are. Plus, it keeps them busy while they are out of school for the summer! Spend some family time outside this summer, and especially this Pollinator Week!

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