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Woodard Blueberry Bush – 1 Gallon Container


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Vaccinium ashei ‘Woodard’

This Rabbit-eye variety of blueberry known for glossy foliage and an early crop of high-quality berries. Once established, this vigorously growing plant can provide up to 15 pounds of blueberries. Bell-shaped white flowers first appear in the early spring and look striking against the glossy bluish-green foliage; the leaves will turn a shade of red-orange in the fall before dropping from this deciduous bush in the winter. The plant will be covered in medium to large dark blue fruit by late spring or early summer. This plant is heat-tolerant. Expect this shrub to top out around 6′ tall, making it a good size plant but still manageable. Plant this bush in a hedge or a row with other types of blueberries to allow for cross-pollination.

Type: USDA zone 8-10

Light: Full Sun

Water: Water regularly once established; weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.

Size: Moderate growth; reaches up to 5′-6′ tall and wide.