Stonewall Kitchen® Napa Valley Naturals® Organic 5-star Balsamic Vinegar -12.7 oz.


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Napa Valley Naturals® Organic Balsamic Vinegar is crafted using a blend of Italian grapes that have matured in oak or chestnut casks until tart and slightly sweet. A delicious pantry staple perfect for grilling or used in dressings!

Napa Valley Naturals® is part of the Stonewall Kitchen® family of brands. All Stonewall Kitchen® products are made in the USA. Each one is carefully crafted in individual batches with only the best possible ingredients.

Nutritional Info:

Ingredients: Organic Wine Vinegar, Organic Grape Must.

Containers no caramel coloring or added sugars. Contrails 25% grape must.

Non-GMO ingredients.

Non-Gluten ingredients.

Allergens: Bottled in a facility that handles nut, peanut, and soybean soil

Serving Size: 1 tbsp (15mL)

Servings Per Container: 25

Calories Per Serving: 10

Total Fat: 0g (0% Daily Value)

Saturated Fat: 0g (0% Daily Value)

Trans Fat: 0g

Cholesterol: 0mg (0% Daily Value)

Sodium: 0mg (0% Daily Value)

Total Carbohydrate: 2g (1% Daily Value)

Protein: 0g

Not a significant source of cholesterol, dietary fiber, Vitamin D, calcium, iron, or potassium.


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