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Red Sunset Maple – 20 Gallon Container (Shipping is unavailable. Please call us regarding local delivery.)


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Acer rubrum ‘Franksred’ – (Shipping of this item is unavailable. Please call us at 615-867-7121 regarding local delivery.)

As a moderate grower, this tree starts in a cone-like shape then gradually fills out into a rounded form. Its average landscape size reaches 40′-50′ by 30′-35′ and boasts wide bright green maple leaves from Spring through Summer. In early fall its leaves turn from green to yellow to orange then finally, bright red. It is a deciduous tree losing its leaves during the cold weather in Fall. As spring rolls around again, clusters of little red flowers marking the start of another growing season.

Type: USDA zone 4-8

Light: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Water: Water regularly until established.

Size: Moderate growth; reaches up to 45′-50′ tall and 35′-40′ wide.