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Espoma® Organic Tomato-tone® – 18 lb. Bag


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All Espoma® products are 100% organic. Espoma® Organic Tomato-tone® isn’t just designed to give you plump, juicy tomatoes – it’s perfect for any plant in your garden that needs calcium. Calcium helps plants avoid getting blossom end rot. Provides long lasting, slow-release feeding with exclusive Bio-tone® Microbes. For use on all varieties of Tomatoes and can also be used on fruiting crops like peppers, squash & melons. use to enhance soil prior to planting. Apply the first application 10-14 days after plant is established; use twice a month on established plants May through August.

All products in the Tone line from Espoma® have been developed in conjunction with nursery and horticultural professionals. There are no fillers or sludges, only a complex blend of natural organics. All are approved for organic gardening and will not burn or leach away from your plants. They provide your plants with long-lasting, slow release feeding.

Weight 302.6 oz
Dimensions 13 × 3 × 24 in


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