Espoma® Organic Soil Acidifier – 6 lb. Bag


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All Espoma® products are 100% organic. Espoma® Organic Soil Acidifier lowers the pH of your soil. If you want to turn your pink hydrangea blue, spread a layer evenly under the plant just beyond its drip line. Derived from Elemental Sulfur and Gypsum, this product is safer than Aluminum Sulfate.

This product can also be used on all acid-loving plants, including: Amaryllis
Andromeda, Aster, Azalea, Bayberry, Bleeding Heart, Blueberry, Camellia, Dogwood, Evergreens, Ferns, Fir, Gardenia, Heath, Heather, Hemlock, Holly, Huckleberry, Hydrangea, Inkberry, Juniper, Leucothoe, Lily-of-the-Valley, Lupine, Magnolia, Marigold, Mountain Ash, Mountain Laurel, Oak, Pachysandra, Phlox, Pieris, Pine, Raspberry, Rhododendron, Spruce, Strawberries, Wood-sorrel.


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