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Monrovia® Bauer’s Dracaena Palm – 1 Gallon Container


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Cordyline ‘Baueri’

Also called Bauer’s Cordyline or Bauer’s Dracaena Palm. This plant has a thin trunk holding clusters of burgundy-red, tall, pointy leaves. When matured awhile after being planted, the Cordyline Baueri becomes heat and drought tolerant. Excellent for the landscape or patio containers. In cold winter areas, these should be grown as a summer annual or houseplant.

Type: USDA Zone 9-11 (Outdoors), All zones (Indoors)

Light: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Water: Water weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.

Size: Forms a slender 5′ trunk topped with 3′-5′ wide crown of foliage.