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Monrovia® Royal Hawaiian® Maui Sunrise Elephant Ear – 1 Gallon Container


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Colocasia esculenta ‘Maui Sunrise’

The Maui Sunrise Elephant Ear possesses big green leaves that feature eye-catching creamy white variegation along the veins. The tidy, clumping habit makes a great selection for containers or landscapes. Plant along the sunny edge of a water garden to add a tropical flair. Spreads freely in rich, wet soils and more slowly in dry, heavy soils.

Type: USDA Zone 7-10 (Outdoors, Perennial), All zones (Indoors, Annual)

Light: Filtered Sun, Full Sun, Partial Sun

Water: Water regularly to maintain wet or evenly moist soil.

Size: Reaches 32″-44″ tall and 18″-24″ wide.