Botanical Interests® Organic Alfalfa Sprouts Seeds – 30 grams


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‘Medicago sativa’ subsp. ‘sativa’

Alfalfa sprouts are nutritious and easy to grow from seeds! They add a lively flavor to salads and sandwiches and are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Botanical Interests’® Alfalfa Organic Sprouts Seeds are USDA Organic and verified by The Non-GMO Project.

4-6 days to maturity.

Enjoy alfalfa sprouts when the small leaves turn green, usually 4 to 6 days after starting. Alfalfa sprouting seeds have hulls (the outer seed covering), which can loosen during soaking and rinsing. Although the hulls are edible, you may choose to remove them for better sprout flavor, or to reduce the chance of mold due to excess moisture. To separate the hulls, empty your sprouts into a large bowl and fill it with cool water. Move the sprouts around in the water disentangling the sprouts and loosening the hulls, which will float to the top. The hulls can then be skimmed or poured off. Remove any unsprouted seeds at this time, too. Rinse the sprouts once more and drain thoroughly so they are dry to the touch. (Excessive moisture reduces sprouts’ storage life.) Your sprouts are then ready to eat or store.


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