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Botanical Interests® Organic Red Metamorph French Marigold Seeds – 150 mg


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Tagetes patula

In cooler weather, Red Metamorph’s flowers are a deep burgundy, but when the weather warms, watch as splashes of yellow appear on the petals! Then when cooler weather comes back around, the blooms change back to solid burgundy. Beautiful as a garden hedge, this French marigold is stout and dense at about 2′-3′ tall. French marigolds are edible, but with a very strong flavor similar to its pungent scent. A prolific bloomer that attracts beneficial insects. Plants grow up to 24″-36″ tall and produce flowers that bloom from summer to frost. Prefers full sun exposure. Attracts pollinators and is deer resistant. Botanical Interests’® Red Metamorph French Marigold Seeds are USDA Organic and have been verified by The Non-GMO Project.

Indoors: Sow 1-2 weeks after average last frost, and when soil temperature is 70°-80°F.
Outdoors: Sow 4-6 weeks before your average last frost date.