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Botanical Interests® Bull’s Blood Beet Seeds – 3 grams


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Beta vulgaris

Sow one row for the beautiful greens, and another row for the delicious roots! ‘Bull’s Blood’ is valued for its tender, sweet, dark red, almost burgundy foliage. Selected from a French heirloom for the darkest colored leaves, the 16″ “greens” rival chard and spinach for delectability and nutritional content. The roots are also quite tasty when harvested small. Beets are excellent for mild climates where multiple crops are possible. Botanical Interests’® Bull’s Blood Beet Seeds have been verified by The Non-GMO Project.

This packet sows up to 26 feet.

50-60 days to maturity.

Outdoors: Sow 2-4 weeks before your average last frost date, when soil temperature is at least 45°F, ideally 60°–85°F, for early summer crop. Sow 6-8 weeks before your average first fall frost date for late summer/fall crop. In mild climates, sow fall through winter.
Indoors: Not recommended, as root disturbance delays maturity.

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