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Botanical Interests® Orient Wonder Pole Yard Long Bean – Seeds


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Vigna sesquipedalis

‘Orient Wonder’ is a delicious and beautiful, dark green, pole bean. Seeds are slow to develop, so pods stay smooth and slender. ‘Orient Wonder’ is much more tolerant of weather fluctuations (cool, dry to hot, humid) than traditional green beans. It’s easy to grow, prolific, and almost indestructible. Beans are most tender at 12″–18″ long, even though they can grow as long as 30″. Vines grow up to 6′-8′ long.

This packet sows up to 10 feet or two 4-foot diameter teepees. See inside packet for instructions on how to build a bean teepee.

80 days to maturity.

Outdoors: Sow 1-2 weeks after your average last frost date, and when soil temperature is at least 65°F, ideally 70°–85°F.
For Successive Sowings: Sow every 7-14 days up to 80 days before your average first fall frost date. In very hot summer areas, skip sowing as high heat approaches; temperatures consistently above 90°F will prevent beans from forming.
Indoors: Not recommended; bean seedlings are sensitive to root disturbance.