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Bonide® KleenUp® 41% Weed & Grass Killer – Concentrate,16 fl. oz.


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Bonide® KleenUp® 41% Weed & Grass Killer is specifically made with a 41% glyphosate solution that attacks broadleaf and grassy types of weeds, as well as various other types. A systemic herbicide that is rainproof after 6 hours of application (hard-to-control weeds and grasses may require reapplication after 10-14 days).

– Kills grasses, weeds, and brush down to the root.
– Can also be used to kill tree stumps and vines.
– Safe to reseed treated area in just 7 days.
– One pint of this spray can control up to 6,300 sq. ft.

State Restrictions: None

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