Bonide® Infuse™ Systemic Disease Control – Concentrate, 16 fl. oz.


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Bonide® Infuse Systemic Disease Control is absorbed into the plant and can’t be washed off by rain or sprinklers after it has dried. This product is highly effective at preventing disease or when disease is first spotted. Prevent and stop diseases including black spot, rust, powdery mildew, and leaf spot on roses, flowers, lawns, trees, and shrubs.

– Prevents and stops most major plant diseases, including black spot, dollar spot, rust, brown patch, powdery mildew, leaf spot, snow mold, and more.
– Works for up to 4 weeks on certain diseases.
– Use on roses, flowers, lawns, trees & shrubs.
– Protection that can’t wash off.

Restricted States: DC, HI

Always use chemicals safely. Read the label completely before using, storing, or disposing of the product. Visit to learn more.


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