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Bonide® DuraTurf™ High Traffic Grass Seed – Seed, 0.75 lb. Shaker Bottle


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Grow a thick, beautiful lawn that tolerates heavy traffic areas! Bonide® DuraTurf High Traffic Grass Seed is specifically formulated to tolerate heavy traffic and provides a mix of grasses that gives you a self-repairing, drought tolerant, and disease- and insect- tolerant lawn!

40% Falcon IV Tall Fescue
35% Shenandoah II Tall Fescue
10% Double Time Perennial Rye
10% Rockstar Kentucky Blue
5% Palmer III Perennial Rye

– Grass seed is specifically formulated for areas that are high-traffic.
– Drought resistant; insect and disease resistant.
– Grows well in poor soils.
– Quickly repairs thin and bare spots in your yard.
– Covers up to 225 sq. ft.

State Restrictions: PR

Always use chemicals safely. Read the label completely before using, storing, or disposing of the product. Visit to learn more.


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