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Blue Star Fern – 4″ Container


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Phlebodium aureum ‘Blue Star Fern’

Unlike many other common houseplant varieties of ferns, the Blue Star Fern’s feather-like fronds are bluish-gray in color, making this a unique choice of fern for a houseplant!

Light Requirements: Bright, indirect sunlight.

Water Requirements: Prefers moist soil.

Toxic to Pets? No

Blue Star Fern 4″ Gallon Container – Unlike flowering plants, ferns reproduce by spores, not seeds. This species has deeply lobed bluish-gray fronds whose shape resembles a feather. New growth fronds on younger plants are uneven in size and shape. When mature, it develops medium and large fronds with a more consistent structure. The fronds are covered in tiny “hairs”. A blue star fern is happiest in drier, less humid conditions, making it an ideal houseplant. A spot with bright, indirect light is best for them, preferably by an east or west facing window.


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