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Bloomerang Purple Lilac – 3 Gallon Container


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Syringa x ‘Bloomerang’

Bloomerang Purple lilac blooms in spring along with other lilacs, takes a brief rest to put on new growth, then blooms again from mid-summer through fall. It is a bit smaller than other lilacs and has a nice, rounded shape that looks great anywhere you plant it in the landscape. Star-like flowers are a beautiful shade of classic lilac purple and are sweetly scented. They are also noted for their exceptional disease resistance – no worries about ugly white or brown foliage to spoil the floral show. And like other lilacs, it is sun-loving and deer resistant, so it makes an easy care choice for years of beauty.

Type: USDA zone 3-7

Light: Full Sun

Water: Water regularly; weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers.

Size: Moderate growth; reaches up to 4′-5′ tall and wide.